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The Wishbeads Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

Many months ago, Susan attended one of our virtual Wishcircles and saw herself speaking from the stage. In this episode, in addition to sharing how Susan’s Tedx talk come to be, I’m also coaching her on how to best prepare for her moment in the spotlight. Vision + action makes wishes come true!

Sep 2, 2022

There's nothing like a home remodel to learn a thing or two about yourself. In this episode, I'm sharing some of the discoveries I've made along the way. When you rip down your walls, you see the TRUTH of what's going on below the surface.  If you're ready to remodel your life, then this episode is for you!

Jul 25, 2022

I met Lesley at a Wishcircle after the loss of her husband, uncertain of how she could build a new life for herself and two daughters. With courage, hope, and commitment, she did just that and we were privileged to witness her journey as she attended every monthly Wishcircle for over a year.

Jun 6, 2022

Bob LaPorta is an 81 yr old retired entertainment executive, grandfather, an aspiring architect, mathematician, and lifelong chart, list, and infographic artist. He also happens to be Alexa's father-in-law! Together, along with Alexa's husband Robert, they turned his ingenious game concept into a cool, carry-along...

May 5, 2022

Helice Bridges, “Grandma Sparky,” is the Founder of Blue Ribbons Worldwide, a nonprofit on a mission to Unite Humanity Through the Power of Love. Her work has impacted over 50 million people in corporations, organizations, and schools worldwide on her way to reaching 1 billion.